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The Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett Bromance

What game is Jerry Jones watching when the Dallas Cowboys are playing? Better question, what’s in his juice box when he’s watching the games? The best question, ‘WTF is up with Jerry and this bromance he’s got with Jason Garrett?’

The only person on the planet that wants to give Jason Garrett one more year, one more game to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl is Jerry. Hell, I bet Jason Garrett is tired of his own mediocre ass. He’ll breathe a sigh of relief if Jerry will just fire him. But, Jerry won’t let go. Maybe it’s the neatly trimmed red hair that’s got Jerry all fucked up?

The Cowboys have been mediocre for 20 25 years. Cowboys fans have ‘hope’ every year. The seasons always start out, “What these Cowboys gonna do?” Then, its 8-8 or 9-7 or 10-6, in the wild card game and they back at home watching the rest of the playoffs like everybody else, except New England of course.

Jerry ain’t scared to write big-ass checks to keep players, which you would think he would want some results to show for all that money going outta the door. Wait, I think that’s it. Jerry gave us a clue this week. He said, ‘he could finish in 6th place and be successful’ or something to that effect. Hell, he’s finished in 6th place for a buncha years and the team has become more valuable every year. Jerry’s making a shitload of money. Perhaps, just perhaps he’s blowing smoke up Cowboys fans asses about winning a Super Bowl. Maybe, the illusion of a Super Bowl for fans is his objective to keep fans engaged and spending money. If that’s it, it has worked for 20+ years and non-confrontational, clapping, smiling Jason Garrett is just part of the show.

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