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Posts tagged as “covid-19”

What’s the Market Doing?

What’s kinda interesting is that during that recession, we never got to 33,000,000 people unemployed or filing unemployment claims. We never had wholesale multiple industry segments completely shut down. I mean, the banking industry and the related mortgage industry are a big deal but it seems what’s happening now is more severe. It seems like the market doesn’t think it will last past a quarter or 2?

Economic Collapse

I lied. This is not brief. You know I wouldn’t be when you said, “shoot!” lol. Because this isn’t brief, I’m going to post it on my blog with a link to it. For this one, I promise I’m not gonna cuss and I’m not gonna be too political, I hope.

Opportunities Out of Darkness

The down-market will create opportunities for entrepreneurs. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to buy a struggling business or fill a market void by starting a new business.

Shelter In Place, The Passover

Instead of a poem today, I’m going to post an excerpt directly from the 12th Chapter of Exodus from the New International Version of the bible. Like a Sunday preacher, I’d encourage you to read the entire Book of Exodus and particularly Chapters 11 and 13.