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Who was Gerald Ford’s Vice President?

Who was Gerald Ford’s vice president?        

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, it got me to thinking about secession.  I know, I know, God don’t like ugly, karma is a bitch, and it’s no time to be petty but answer the question.  Who was Gerald Ford’s vice president?

I doubt you guessed Nelson Rockefeller. What was Nelson Rockefeller doing before Rockefeller became VP? Better question, what was Ford doing before Ford became president?

If the president dies or for whatever reason, can’t perform the duties as president the VP becomes president.  We all agree on that, right?. What happens if there is no VP? What if the VP becomes president or for whatever reason the VP can’t perform the duties of VP? You might think that the speaker of the house becomes VP. Nope, that’s now how it would work. That’s not how Rockefeller became VP.

The vice presidency doesn’t matter until it matters, right? (Think 2020 elections)

The 25th Amendment to the constitution lays out the secession plan for the president and the VP.  The VP becomes president of the office of the president is vacated. The president gets to appoint the VP and the Senate has to confirm the appointment.  Ford was appointment VP when Agnew resigned as the “elected” VP. Ford, as president, nominated Rockefeller to be VP.

This was the first time in the country’s history that we had an unelected president and VP. Don’t take that too lightly.  We are in unchartered territory right now. We have a dysfunctional government.  If we start appointing unelected leaders we’re going to have even bigger problems than we have now.

If the coronavirus gets Trump or Pence becomes president, who becomes president or vice president.

Side note: I had to check to be sure I didn’t use the pronouns “him” or “he” or “his.” It’s 2020 already!

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