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What if, they, Republicans, are all in on It?

History was made today when only for the 4th time in America, articles of impeachment have been voted out of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.  The next step in the impeachment process is a vote by the full House. Nixon resigned before he could be impeached so technically only two presidents have actually been impeached, Andrew Johnson and William Jefferson Clinton. Trump will be the third. No president has ever been removed from office as a result of conviction by the Senate.

In case you have been on an island with no news coverage or, you just don’t give a shit, Trump is being impeached for withholding military aid from Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine’s promoting a bullshit investigation against Joe Biden. Biden is a Trump possible presidential rival in the 2020 election.  Also, there is a separate article of impeachment for his thwarting the House’s investigation of his actions.

Here is the bigger picture, as Nancy Pelosi puts it, “all roads lead to Russia.”

I don’t have time to write all the ways Trump is a fucking scumbag, a despicable human being, or a narcissistic racist.  All of those fucked up characteristics were probably part of the plan to get us, the country, where we are, in this cesspool.  I’ll have to write about that later. Rather than criticizing Trump, what I think is the more important question is why the Republicans, and I guess by extension, Fox News, are playing the roles they are playing. Why have they formed a shield around this fucker blocking anyone and anything from shining a light up his ass? Why are they all complicit in Trump’s criminality? Why have they all said, fuck the law? Why are they all ok, with the chaos that is Trump?

First, let’s deal with Fox News.  Fuck Fox. Their business model is to spread bullshit to racists, period.  There are lots of things under the Fox umbrella, sports, movies and a shitload of other businesses.  The “out-front,” is Fox News. The only people that think there is “news” in Fox News are the people that have biased or racist views about non-whites, or non-Christians, or in their view, the “right Christian” views. I’m not making it up. Listen to that shit, as long as you can. They have a racist in the WH that they can fully support. Trump is rating’s gold for then, as fucked up as he is.

Those on that network, like Chris Wallace, who try to balance the bullshit are ceremoniously ushered out. Chris will be gone soon.

I spent way more time on Fox than I should.  I really shouldn’t attach the “News” part to Fox and really, you shouldn’t either.  Fuck Fox.

The question is why have 250, Republican members in Congress, 53 in the Senate and 197 in the House of Representatives, have hitched their character, their values, their political fates to Donald Trump? Why would they defy their oath of office to defend Trump? Why would they ‘worship’ Trump? Why would they thumb their noses at or shoot the middle finger to the constitution? Are they going along to get along or is it more than that?

Over the last three years, the constitution has been tested. To say it has been tested unlike it has never been tested before would be Trump-like hyperbole, so let’s not use that phraseology.  However, let’s say this, the constitution hasn’t been tested like this since the civil war. That’s fair, right? Nixon tested the constitution but the constitution held. Republicans went to Nixon and told him, ‘dude, you fucked up. Time to go,’ and he left. He resigned in disgrace because Republicans had the courage to say, ‘the country is bigger than you.’  Nixon, to his credit, appreciated that the constitution WAS bigger than he was. This current group of Republicans doesn’t have that courage; they don’t have the balls to stand up to Trump. You gotta ask yourself, why? We know that Trump truly believes that he is bigger than the constitution.

The news, not named, Fox, thinks it’s hyper-partisan. Maybe? Hyper-partisan can be explained in trying to get legislation through.  That works both ways. Passage of Obamacare was partisan, hyper-partisan I guess.

I volunteered for the Beto O’Rourke campaign during his run for the Texas Senate seat. I remember making phone calls at a phone bank and talking to an obvious Republican and getting a, “get off my phone; I will never vote for a Democrat.” CLICK. That’s hyper-partisan. What’s happening now is beyond that.

The Clinton impeachment was hyper-partisan.  He did lie to Congress and a prosecutor about a blow-job. I don’t know if lying about a blow-job is impeachable or even if lying to Congress about a blow-job is impeachable.  Against the law, definitely; worthy of censure, yeah, and having your law license stripped, probably, but impeachable? Hyper-partisan, yelp, but this is more than that.

Look, Trump colluded with Russia.  He tried to collude with Ukraine, in the open. He asked China to collude with him, on national TV. Republicans will say that he was proven innocent on the Russian collusion.  Fuck that. With Republican’s help, he was able to effectively stonewall the Mueller investigation.  He did one helluva job covering up the Russia mess, kinda, unless you read the report.  He got the Russia collusion minimized with help from Republicans, like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Mitch McConnell and of course Fox.  If you try to argue the contrary, yeah whatever, fine.

With Ukraine, this fucker gets on National TV and says. ‘I did it.’  His chief of staff gets on national TV and says, ‘yea, we fucking did it. We do it all the fucking time, get over it, dumbasses.’ And, he had a message on repeat, ‘it was a perfect phone call, read the transcript!’  And then, and then, at a press gathering he says, ‘fuck it, China should investigate Biden too!’ There is no question about whether he invited foreign interference into our elections.  At my count, it looks like three countries for sure, Russia, Ukraine and China.  We don’t know about any others. Saudi Arabia, maybe?

The Democrats had hearings in the House Intelligence Committee to “gather the facts,” the facts that they could get, the facts and witnesses that the White House didn’t or couldn’t block or conceal. The Democrats could have just played the tapes. That was enough to get Nixon outta the White House but we are not to believe what we see or what we hear, are we?

Nancy Pelosi said, “all roads lead to Russia.”  Since before Trump took office, there have been many storylines regarding Trump’s relationship with Russia and the impact that, that relationship would have and has had on his would-be or actual governance of the United States. He has pitted our Intelligence Agencies against Russia.   It is impossible for me to cover the Trump-Putin bromance in a single post.  It’s difficult to completely cover it in a book or a movie. I would point to a couple of books by Malcolm Nance:

Or this vignette by Rachel Maddow

Maybe, and I really do mean maybe, post-Trump we will find answers to all of these questions.  We won’t get to the answers during the Trump tenure. Republicans in Congress and others in his administration like Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, and Mick Mulvaney will ensure that the truth never surfaces. 

I saw something in The Guardians of Democracy about a Trump third term. Most people know the constitution imposes a term limit for the president.  People that watch Fox probably are not aware of this OR they are encouraging Trump to NOT LEAVE OFFICE.  I have long said that he wouldn’t leave voluntarily if he loses the 2020 election. And, the way it looks, Republicans will support his complete defiance of the constitution. They have already.

The question is why? Why would presumably smart people, patriotic people support running roughshod over the rule of law, the constitution?

What if, they’re all in on it? What if Russia has been successful in convincing enough lawmakers to be disloyal to our country, to the constitution? What if the move towards authoritarianism is orchestrated, on purpose? What if patriotism is a sham? There are those who are naive enough to think that it couldn’t happen in the US, in 2019. There may be those who think that maybe its only Trump that has been compromised, maybe. What if it’s not just Trump? What if it’s much broader than that?

Ask yourself this question, who loses and who wins in an authoritarian country? The easy answer is those that oppose the leader. You know in Russia and in Saudi, Turkey, and others, people disappear.  They die. They get killed. In an authoritarian country, those are the easy losers to identify.  Who else loses?

The party out of power when authoritarianism begins also loses. Authoritarianism generally starts with corruption and deceit.  Yeah, the kinda corruption, and deceit we are seeing. What we’re seeing is actually a little more than that. We have an adversary calling the shots, in our elections. Yeah, Democrats won the House in 2018 but can they win again in 2020? What if the vote count is altered? If the Senate remains intact and Trump gets reelected, will it matter if Democrats retain the House? What has Trump been unable to do with Democrats in control of the House? Republicans will control the courts and the Senate. There will be no opposition or should I say “check” on his power. The opposition party, Democrats lose.

What about the “people?” That’s really a mixed bag.  Let me explain.

In most authoritarian countries, the ethnic makeup of the country is monolithic. There is also an “acceptable” religion. There are no “LBGTQ rights.” Only in “democratic” countries are you able to get some semblance of what currently exists in the United States, an abundance of diversity. Actually, therein lies the problem.  Arguments have been made that Trump’s rise is a result of grievances that a monolithic group has with the “inclusion” and some may say, “forced inclusion,” of others into the group.  Those people, outside the monolithic group, would be the biggest losers. Any and all rights gained over the last 50-60 years could easily be lost. That loss has already started with the losses in legislation and in the courts. I’m opened to being proven wrong.

Could that be the reason why Republicans would ignore the rule of law?  Could that explain why it appears they don’t have any character, as far as outsiders are a concern but in fact, they actually have a grand plan? Going along to get along is just a means to an end?  Is that the reason to support corruption, to get to authoritarianism?

What about white, working-class, Christians? Will they be the winners? No, they will wake up one day and realize they have been conned. There is this fucked up thought process that the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ That thought process is how you get fucked without a kiss.  Authoritarian governments have only one primary objective, remain in power. Secondarily, their intent is to benefit from being in power, most times financially. Those objectives don’t accrue to the benefit of white, working-class Christians, beyond the expectation of being the enemy of their enemies.  Maybe, just maybe that will be enough to satisfy white, working-class Christians.

Maybe I’m wrong but think about this, some “Christians” have said they’re okay with an immorally bankrupt, corrupt, criminal, lying president.  They say he’s a means to an end. God uses bad people to do good things. Trump is the chosen one. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the fucking “end” the Trump-Christians are trying to get to. Conservative judges in the courts? What would that do? Reverse Roe? Judges would support discrimination against non-white, working-class, non-Trump-Christians?  Make the US a “Christian” country? Sounds like they want a monolithic country. What does that sound like to you? They, Trump-Christians are all in.

Republicans are all in. What’s the end-game? It’s not just to win for winning’s sake. It’s winning at all costs, democracy is damned. Why?  Whatever the plan is, Republicans have bought into it, hook, line and sinker.  They’re all in on it.

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