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Ukraine & Russia, There’s More to the Story

Democrats’ not communicating the ‘full’ narrative around the Ukraine scandal and the Russia tie-in makes me think Democrats either underestimate the American peoples’ ability to understand what is happening or has happened; or, Democrats are challenged in creating a simple, clear narrative or, I guess the worst case scenario, is that they don’t understand it themselves.  You can create a narrative around the truth and make it simple enough for all to understand.

Democrats made the impeachment articles simple but they left out a very significant part of the story. The clip below from the AM Joy show hosted by Joy Reid connects the dots on the Russian backstory as it relates to Trump, his Republican associates and their promotion of Russian propaganda. 

I’m pretty sure if the Democrats made this simple the most reasonable Americans would appreciate how dangerous Trump is and how he is putting the country at risk. 

Impeachment is so unique, it’s hard to tell what you can and can’t do. The rules seem to be made as you go along.  Can the House of Representatives amend the articles to include more information about the Russia tie-in? Can more information be included? Can you present any information in the Senate trial that wasn’t included in the original articles, like clarifying information?

There is more to the Ukraine story and Democrats have a responsibility to present a full picture to the American people. The media will disseminate information but not all media has the interests of the country at heart. Democrats have to be effective in making sure the country understands the danger of Donald Trump.

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