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Trump Wants an Impeachment Trial

It may seem counterintuitive that Trump would be begging for an impeachment trial but think about it. With a trial, this fucker will be on TV all day, every day.  The news will be about him, non-stop. His tweets will be amplified.  What more could a psychopathic narcissist want?

Yelp, the chances of him being found guilty and being removed from office are slimmer than slim is beside the point, well, kinda. It’s the thrill of the show for him. He will be front and center. When he is acquitted he will lose his fucking mind with power and the Klan will march in the streets.

I think Democrats have no choice but to impeach this fool. He’s going to be outta control whether they impeach or not. Without impeachment he will be more brazen with his contempt for the constitution and the rule of law. With impeachment and an acquittal by the Senate he will be more brazen with his contempt for the rule of law.  [Shrug] so, what the fuck

You can’t ignore a criminal even though there are 50-51 Senators think that criminality is ok, for this, ‘person.’ Can you really call him a president?

I would like to say there is no right answer but there is, “Impeach the mutha fucka.”

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