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The Red Lights Are Flashing

I get a lot of daily emails across several email accounts.  In one of my personal accounts, I get most of my political emails.  Most of the political emails are soliciting for either money or volunteering for campaigns. I delete most of them honestly unless they come after a major event.  After major events, like elections, the content is much better.  The ask is always the same but the content is what varies.

Today I got an email from MoveOn, which I normally get a few a week.  Different people draft the content. Some of the content providers repeat. One of those providers who has pretty good content is Robert Reich.  If you haven’t already, like Mr. Reich’s Facebook page.  He is a former Secretary of Labor and a really, really good cartoonist.  Smart guy and very thoughtful in his commentary. 

I have included Sec Reich’s content from the email I received today below. Be sure to read his comments.  I’m purposely leaving out the request for financial support.  If you want to support MoveOn, go to their website or their FB page. Trust me, they will reach out to you.   

Sec. Reich’s comments prompted me to share this. 

We are way past a constitutional crisis. I didn’t expect Trump to be removed from office but the impeachment trial, if you want to call it that, put the country at DEFCON 1, as a democracy.   DEFCON stands for Defense (DEF) readiness Condition (CON).  DEFCON 5 is the normal peacetime condition and DEFCON 1 is when we are on the brink of war, like nuclear war. 

There is nothing to stop Trump from doing or saying whatever he wants to do or say. There are no guardrails, not checks and balances.  He has gotten away with too much to be reigned in. Going in, we knew Senate Republicans would be supportive of him.  What we didn’t know was that they would join in and actually support the lie, with lies.  We didn’t know that some of the Republicans would actually acknowledge that withholding Congressionally approved funds from an ally as leverage for his personal political campaign was wrong and maybe illegal but hold steadfast that there should be no consequences for his actions.  The impeachment trial was a consequential event for the country and for democracy. 

Just before the trial, in an effort to distract from the upcoming trial, Trump ordered the assassination of a world leader.  The assassination barely stayed in the news cycle a week because the leader was “a really evil man.” 

We have entered an era that we haven’t seen before in this country.  We are in a transitional period.  The only questions are how much resistance there will be in a turn towards authoritarianism or another civil war.

Here are the thoughts from Sec. Reich:

I am absolutely FURIOUS. Furious and terrified for our country’s future. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans ended Donald Trump’s impeachment trial without holding him accountable for his crimes.1 

For the last three years, Americans have witnessed one outrage after another perpetrated by Trump and his administration. Kids detained in cages. Muslims banned, while neo-Nazis are welcomed with open arms. Environmental protections systematically destroyed.

Senate Republicans did nothing to stop any of these things. And now, in their latest show of blind loyalty to Trump—and in spite of overwhelming evidence of his guilt—they voted to hear from no witnesses, examine no documents, and end Trump’s impeachment trial. It’s a total GOP cover-up.

Not only did they cover up Trump’s criminal conspiracy, but, by doing so, they have given him the green light to do anything he wants. They have sent Trump a clear message that he is above the law.

If the GOP won’t stop Trump, we—the voters—will stop him … and his Republican accomplices. We must fight back all we’ve got. The very future of our democracy depends on it. We need to throw Trump and his Republican enablers out of office in November.

Just imagine for a moment what four more years of Trump could mean to our democracy and country. If the election goes the wrong way, it could mean the end of American democracy as we know it.

As I mentioned above, I’m not sharing MoveOn’s request for “support” but I will ask of you, get involved.  Voting is mandatory but voting won’t be enough.  If you see the red lights flashing, be sure your friends and family are paying attention.  Be sure they are well informed. You don’t have to brow-beat them with politics but help them distinguish fact from fiction.  Help them appreciate the risks that we as a country are facing and the impact it will have on their daily lives. 

I will continue to share my opinions with you and help the red lights flash brighter.

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