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The Fugitive Deserves Another Look!

When was the last time you saw, “The Fugitive?” No, not the TV show, the movie, with Indiana Jones and Tommy Lee Jones.  Who would watch a ‘who done it’ TV series for years? I mean, if you wanna talk about Liv and Fritz boning in the hall closet, or Liv and Fritz boning in the oval office, or Liv and Jake from State Farm boning on the sofa, or Liv and some random dude not really boning but he really ‘cares,’ on Scandal, I could see that but, a ‘who done it’ series across multiple years?

Oops, my bad. I digressed.  I’m sorry.

Back to “The Fugitive.” If you haven’t seen “The Fugitive” in a while you might wanna take another peek since we have a little downtime. There may be some nuggets you might have missed. Let me explain.

You know the core of the movie is about a pharmaceutical company, no, not Novartis, Devlin McGregor. Devlin McGregor, a huge pharmaceutical company, cheated in clinical trials to get its revolutionary drug, Provasic, FDA approved. I’ve watched this movie like 22 times so, I may have picked up some details that you missed. Don’t judge me. If you missed the part of what I’m about to say, you gotta watch it again.

How about an oversimplified version of the financial aspects of bringing drugs to the market first?  As Chris Rock explains in a joke in Bigger and Blacker, the goal is, not to cure anything but to give you medicine so you can live with it. Ain’t no money in the cure!

This overview is probably from the pharmaceutical industry’s point of view I’ll admit. It’s not lost on me that they are trying to justify these high-ass prices for medicine.

Pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms spend millions upon millions of dollars researching cures and treatments for the diseases that ail the world.  There are private, small research firms that receive millions of dollars to research everything relating to our bodies, inside and out. The bet, or the profit motive, for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and research labs is that they will be the ones that find the ‘magic’ treatment or cure.  They hope that their firm will be the one that receives the patent for a drug that they can sell to the world and make billions of dollars. 

Devlin McGregor, the pharmaceutical company in “The Fugitive,” was looking for an advantage to bring Provasic, their miracle drug, to market. Dr. Richard Kimble, the character played by Indiana Jones, aka Harrison Ford, was a part of the executive team at Devlin McGregor.  When Dr. Kimble’s wife is killed and Dr. Kimble was on the hook for the murder, the path to bringing Provasic to market became a lot easier in the movie. With all the crashes and chase scenes and star power in the movie, it would be easy to miss the real reason for all the crashes and chase scenes.

I don’t wanna be the spoiler for the two people that haven’t seen the movie so those are all the details I’m going to share. What I would say for the millions who have seen the movie, at least once, look at it again with an eye on what Devlin McGregor was doing. I mean the ‘who done it’ drama is what sold the tickets but check out the core of the story.

I’m not saying that Devlin McGregor is Novartis, the makers of hydroxychloroquine, the drug approved for lupus, malaria, and rheumatoid arthritis, necessarily.  I mean, they’re the ones that paid Michael Cohen over $1 million for access to Trump. I don’t think I’ve heard Novartis say, ‘don’t use our drug yet for coronavirus, cause we still gotta do clinical trials.’ I mighta missed that. What I have heard is Trump touting an unproven, unapproved use of hydroxychloroquine that millions of people would potentially need as a cure for a pandemic.  I’m not saying Novartis is behind the push by Trump to get their drug approved for additional uses. I would have one question though, maybe two.  What did Michael Cohen do with the money he got from Novartis for access to Trump? My other question is was Novartis buying more than access?

I ask these questions all the time: does life imitate art or does art imitate life?

Watch “The Fugitive,” again!

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