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Spoiler Alert: “He’s Not Leaving Office”

Have you seen the latest story posted on the CBS News website? “White House Considers Arguing that Trump wasn’t impeached.”  This is not a joke. I mean, we all are tempted to laugh at the stupid shit that comes out of the White House and the dumb shit that comes out of Trump’s mouth.  I would caution you not to laugh.  Look forward and at the seriousness of the consequences that will absolute nonsense that we are about to experience.

I have argued for months that this fucker is not going to leave office when he loses the election or in the event, he is elected to a second term he will not leave office at the end of that term.  He’s telling us his game plan; it’s like a movie trailer.  It’s a tease of what’s to come.  We all decide if we want to see a movie, to some extent based on the “previews.” Sometimes we see shitty trailers and just know we don’t want to see the whole show. Other times we see the trailer and realize the cast is fucked up and we say no.  And still, other times we see the casts, the trailer and we know it’s gonna be a bad movie but we still go because of the casts or the “star.”  We have already seen most of the first Trump movie and we already know it’s a bullshit movie and we don’t want to see the sequel.  Granted there are some crazed people who want to see Trump take a shit but most of us are not in that camp.

Trump and his corrupt administration are giving us the trailer to the sequel.  If you’re paying attention, you know he doesn’t plan to leave the office so the sequel is inevitable.    Did you see the story on Mike Huckabee’s planning for Trump’s third term? I know, I know but still. And now this?  Don’t ignore this shit as easy as it may be to chalk it up to comedy.  There is no bottom.  Trump is taking his cues from Putin and other dictators.  Republicans in power have nothing to lose.  Most of them are not naïve to how fucked up Trump is.  They’re more than going along to get along

If you’re not already doing so, pay attention. 

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