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Rudy, Rudy, Rudy WTF Are You Doing?

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump have huge nuts! huge. You know why they’re nuts are inflated? Cause ain’t shit gonna happen to them, at least nothing is gonna happen to Trump.  Rudy could have his ass locked up. The refrain should be, “Lock Him Up!”

In the middle of impeachment hearings and with the inevitable impeachment of Trump by the House of Representatives about Trump’s shenanigans regarding Ukraine, Rudy is in Ukraine, right now, working on bullshit to create a false narrative about Ukraine to be used in Trump’s impeachment trial which will be held in the Senate.  The coup de gras, Rudy is the subject of a DOJ investigation for campaign finance violations and being an unregistered lobbyist for, guess who, Ukraine.

These people are brazen in their defiance and disregard for the rule of law! They not only have the green light from Congressional Republicans and Republicans in the Senate, but they also have confidence that the DOJ has their back. What an insane plot to an unbelievable story!

The fool in all of this, Rudy Giuliani.  Trump is going to throw him under the train. A bus is too small of a reference.  Does rudy think he’s gonna get a pardon, maybe? Last I checked, Manafort is in jail, so is Michael Cohen, so is Rick Gates. They will be joined shortly by dirty trickster, Roger Stone. 

Trump is the mob boss that fucks his friends over, well, friends until it is no longer beneficial for them to be friends.   Rudy, at the end of the day, your nuts are gonna be deflated. Haven’t you been paying attention?

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