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Nancy, This Ovation is for You!

I was wrong about the Democrats messing up impeachment. Up to the hearings, it seemed like Democrats blowing the opportunity to hold Trump accountable was a sure thing. The missteps, poor communication, and overall bad strategy were common occurrences.   Schiff handled his business but Nancy Pelosi though.

Impeachment is not the end-all to be all, but it’s better than a good start. A few weeks ago Trump was bragging about how he wanted to be impeached.  It was going to be his show and he felt good about it.  Wouldn’t you feel great about being center stage if you were a narcissist? If you knew the fix was in, wouldn’t you be proud to flap your feathers and crow? But, Nancy though.

I’ve said before that Nancy Pelosi had big kahunas. I was probably a bit ahead of myself, got out in front of my skis.  What I should have said is, “Nancy Pelosi may not have balls but she has Trump’s balls and it’s no secret.”

Looks like Nancy may be listening to the advice from the constitutional lawyer, Lawrence Tribe. Holding onto the articles of impeachment and not forwarding them to the Senate is a brilliant strategy.  I didn’t think I would ever be able to use “brilliant strategy” when talking about Democrats but I’m glad I can.  I think Nancy revels in having Trump’s balls in her hands. Don’t like the visual; but, on second thought, yes, yes I do.

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