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Michael Bloomberg, GTFOH

Fuck Michael Bloomberg.  What an arrogant dick. I ain’t mad at him for being rich.  I really don’t care about him being rich, just because he’s rich.  What pisses me off is he thinks because he is rich, and white, his shit doesn’t stink.  He thinks he can turn his nose up at the current field of Democratic candidates for president and say, ‘fuck them, I’m better than them.’  If he thought he was the best person to be president, he should have begun his candidacy early, with a campaign in every state.  No, his arrogant ass thinks he can jump in the race midstream and win. At least the coffee guy, Schultz, started early.  He found out that nobody wanted to hear his whiny billionaire ass on a platform stroking his ego.

If Bloomberg is fearful that the current crop of democratic candidates is at risk of losing the general election, he has a lotta options that could help, rather than disrupting the race, 90 days before the first primary or caucus.  Look, his $37 million is a lot of money and could be used much more effectively than buying ads that feed his fucking ego.

Here are a couple of thoughts.

People that are mildly supportive, or maybe I should say, not totally dismissive of his proposed candidacy say that he has a strong, data driven team that can strategically think through the best options for him. Why not supplement the Democratic Party and the eventual nominee with data and strategy.  The assumption I’m making is that the party would be receptive to his help. For this argument, let’s assume he approaches the party with less arrogance than he has shown, AND the party is receptive to his help. How powerful would that be? Let’s say all he spent was $37 million in help. That supplement, in addition to the other money the DNC would have from PACs and individual donors would be a welcome warchest.

What if he used that $37 million to expose or counter the lies that come from the WH and Republicans every hour? Republicans have a, I don’t know what you call it but bully-pulpit seems inadequate so let’s say, ‘platform’ to spread bullshit. Bloomberg could use his $37 million to help counter that. 

What if Bloomberg and Tom Steyer figured out how to effectively use their money to protect democracy rather than stroking their big ass egos? Don’t you think if they did that work, it would put them in a better position to fight the erosion of capitalism, or at the very least, protect themselves against the wealth tax ideas being floated?

Somebody pull Bloomberg’s coattail and let him know there are other options.  Oh wait, he ain’t listening.

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