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Kamala Harris Should Have Never Launched Her Campaign?

Just read an article in the LA Times that said Kamala Harris should have never run for president.  It said she hadn’t established herself in the Senate.  It also said, “Her ambition far exceeded her ability.” What the fuck were these dipshits thinking? I know have opinions, obviously, just like I’m sure you do but these fuckers are getting paid for shit thoughts.

Somebody might outta tell them that Sen. Barack Obama was new to the Senate when he ran and became arguably the best president in a generation. 

Then there’s the dummy, criminal, psychopath, that had run a criminal enterprise but never a successful business, AND never held office but got elected anyway.  Somehow these idiots minimized the last two presidents and their paths to the presidency and came to the brilliant conclusion that Sen. Kamala Harris should never have launched her presidential campaign.

If ever there was a time for a ‘Bye Felicia’ moment, this would be it.

Bye Felicia

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