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How Old is Too Old, to be President?

How old is too old to be President?

The framers of the US Constitution thought that a president should be at least 35. The constitution doesn’t place a cap on how old is too old. John F. Kennedy was the youngest president elected, so far. He was 43. Ronald Reagan was the oldest president elected at 73, damn near 74, in his 2nd term.  By the way, those attending the constitutional convention, the “framers” of the constitution, ranged in age from 26 to 81.  Do I have to say none of them were women? Just FYI.

How old will the people currently running for president be at inauguration day 2021?

Bernie, 79

Biden, 78

Wield, 75

Trump, 74

Warren, 71

Williamson, 68

Steyer, 63

Klobucher, 60

Sanford, 60

Walsh, 59

Delaney, 57

Bennet, 56

Booker, 51

Castro, 46

Yang. 46

Gabbard, 39

Buttigieg, 39

Bloomberg, 79

Patrick, 65

Bennet, 56.

You really can’t be sure the list is accurate, can you? There are too many damn candidates.

Don’t worry if you don’t know some or most of these people. The substance of their candidacy is not the subject of this post. The subject of this post is age, the right age to be president of the United States. I guess you could substitute doctor for president but let’s stick with the president.  Keep “doctor” in the back of your mind as another point of reference.

You could argue that with age, comes wisdom. There is no question that knowledge is important. The more you know and the more you have experienced should benefit you in functioning in the presidency. 

I don’t have a pause button, so, next.

Not to say that a 30-something-year-old wouldn’t make a good president but 10 more years on to 30-something, in theory, should be 10 more years of knowledge and wisdom that could be beneficial in governing? No disrespect, Buttigieg or Gabbard, or whoever else is 30-something. I lost count.

Physical health isn’t all we should be focused on for older candidates.  Younger people have physical health issues that we should be concerned about with all of the presidential candidates.  Bill Clinton was 46 when he was elected and we were concerned about his cheeseburgers.

The mental capacity of presidential candidates, pointedly, I mean their ability to make good decisions declines with age, as it does with almost all of us. Obviously, mental dexterity varies from person to person.  But, do we want to gamble on that with say, a 79 or 80-year-old? I’m not calling out any of the 70 or 80-year-olds currently in the race. No disrespect, Bernie, or Joe, or Bloomberg.

 It’s common knowledge that at the end of the Reagan presidency he was suffering from dementia.  Rumor has it that Nancy was running the country, just saying.

You know the other thing with age, particularly with older candidates, they have learned shit they can’t forget.  Adapting to change isn’t necessarily easy for any of us but, for an 80-year-old?

The impact of aging doesn’t discriminate based on race or gender. Old is old but the question is, how old is too old to be president?

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