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Get Well Pat, Soon!

Have you seen Vanna White hosting Wheel of Fortune? Let me say I wish Pat Sajak a full and speedy recovery.  But, back to Vanna. What a hot mess? I’m going to probably be accused of cyberbullying and if somebody decides to call me out it would be because they haven’t seen Vanna doing something other than flipping letters. Watch her, then call me out.

If you had that nice grandmother, you know the one that used to say, “if you can’t say anything good about someone don’t say anything at all?” And, if you said something bad about someone your grandmother would say, “bless their heart.”  That’s how I feel about Vanna, “Bless her heart.”

I’m not a big Wheel fan; my mother is.  Near the end of a Vanna-hosted show I had the pleasure of watching with her I said, “She’s horrible at this job.” My mother said, “Who?”  I said, “Vanna White.”  My mother said, “That’s not her job.”  All I could do was look at my mother, smile and say, “I know!”

Now we know why Vanna has been flipping letters since the day after the beginning.  After this ‘playing host’ thing is over, she might lose her real job to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Minnie is looking good flipping and pointing . Minnie is putting rumors out in the streets. You know Minnie and Mickey are having a ball after taping every show. I can hear Minnie right now, “Bless her heart.”

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