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Do Your Research, Review the Ballot, Then Vote

Ever gone into the voting booth and looked at the ballot and had an ‘oh shit’ moment cause you didn’t recognize half the folks running and you had never heard of the issues they were asking you to vote on? Or, the issues were too wordy and you weren’t counting on spending 30 minutes trying to vote? Yeah, me too.

In Texas, you know you can review the sample ballot before you go vote? Yelp, if you go to the elections website for your county you can download the ballot and plan who you’re going to vote for BEFORE you get to the ballot. 

Take a look. You can download the Democratic Ballot for Dallas County. Texas, Precinct 3612. If you’re planning on voting in the Republican primary, you can do your own research.

Maybe not your precinct? Find your voter eligibility and your precinct information by going to your county website. You should be able to find your specific sample ballot.

You can also download the sample ballot(s) for Smith County, Texas. Smith County did it a little differently and included sample ballots for all their precincts in a bundle of ballots. Look in the upper right-hand corner to find your precinct.

You can also download the League of Women’s Voters Guide to choosing the statewide candidate you want to support in the primary.

Finally, for your local candidates, like county elections officials, ask a friend you trust.

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