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Democratic Candidates for Senate, Texas

TEXANS, are you prepared to vote in 2020? The Texas primary is March 3, 2020. Early Voting begins, February 18, 2020. 

Do you know who’s running for which office? This election is critical.  You can’t afford to get it wrong.  One of the consequential offices you will be voting for is U.S. Senator.  John Cornyn, the current senator, is up for re-election or replacement.  He has some Republican challengers; however, there are 11 Democrats vying for this seat.  The primary election is the time to decide who will run against Cornyn, assuming he wins the Republican primary.  Here is a list of the Democratic candidates (in reverse order by the last name):

  • Royce West
  • Christina Tzintzvn Ramirez
  • Adrian Ocegueda
  • D. R. Hunter
  • Sema Hernandez
  • Victor Hugo Harris
  • Mary “MJ” Hegar
  • Annie “Mama” Garcia
  • Jack Daniel Foster, Jr.
  • Amanda K. Edwards
  • Chris Bell

DO YOUR RESEARCH, PRIOR TO THE ELECTION. Profiles for each of these candidates and other candidates for other offices can be found on the League of Women Voters’ website or you can use this link to find the League of Women Voters’ Guide, Texas Addition and download the guide on the Somebody Said It website.

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