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Cotton Comes to Harlem


Black History Month is about to wrap up. Have you caught a throwback movie or two, just because? Check this out. I was trying to decide what to watch, from way back in the day. As I was working my brain a couple of really cool old flicks came to mind.  When I was trying to figure out which one to watch (again), a couple of things of trivia popped up in the Amazon notes. 

Here are the Did You Knows:

We all know that Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis have appeared as actors in too many movies and TV shows to count, I haven’t done the research, yet, but I would bet they have appeared as actors in more films than anybody, individually and for sure together. 

Did you know that Ossie Davis made his directorial debut with the movie “Cotton Comes to Harlem (’70)?”  One of my favorites from the 70’s. Did you know the idea of Sanford and Son came from the same movie?  Have you seen the movie, lately? Watch for the ah huh moment. It’s a comedy; I mean, it’s a drama; I mean it’s good, I mean watch it!

I know you have seen Buck and the Preacher (’72), right? With Sidney Poitier (btw, Happy Birthday Mr. Poitier) and Harry Belafonte, black Hollywood Royalty. Do you remember Ruby Dee in this flick?  It’s a drama; I mean it’s a comedy; I mean it’s good, I mean watch it.

Watch Cotton Comes to Harlem, Buck, and the Preacher, The Mack, Cleopatra Jones or any of the great African American movies from the ’70s with Amazon Video.  I know if you’re not of a certain age, you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about but, If you’re chilling anytime and want to see what “Black Movies” used to be like, on the big screen, the original big screen, drive-in theaters. Check it out.

More Movie Trivia?

Do you know the movie that spun the TV series Kojak? The Marcus Nelson Murders starring Telly Savalas as Kojak was the movie that led to the series. A really good, intense movie. Check it out and tell me, “Who Loves You Baby?”

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