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Come On, Jerry Nadler. There’s a lot riding on YOU!

I don’t trust Representative Jerry Nadler’s leadership in the upcoming impeachment hearings in the Judiciary Committee.  He’s not an effective strategist nor is he an effective communicator, he hasn’t shown himself to be either at this point.

Did he really need to send a letter to Trump inviting him to participate in the hearings? Did he need to extend an olive branch to Trump before the hearings even begin? He has already lost because he’s gonna have to explain anything that he thinks might offend Trump’s sense of fairness or play into Trump’s narrative that the process is unfair.  Fuck trump. Do your damn job, Nadler, in spite of Trump and what he might think or say or what Trump’s allies on the Judiciary Committee may do or say.

Nadler will have the gavel but will he use it to keep control of the hearings in a deliberative way, like his colleague, Representative Adam Schiff did in the Intelligence Committee hearings? Probably not.  He doesn’t have to be Representative Schiff; he just needs to be in control and not cower to Trump or Republicans on the committee. If Nancy Pelosi has to hold a news conference to defend or reinforce anything that Nadler said or was trying to say or do anything that Nadler was trying to do, Democrats are losing. Let’s hope Nancy can keep her kahunas outta sight.

Nobody expects Republicans to agree with anything that will be done or said in the hearings or with the process in general. They have already played their hand. They are playing their cards face-up on the table.  Nadler needs to have adopted a strategy in advance of the hearings. If Representative Nadler’s opening bid is catering to Trump, Trump has already won.

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