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Big White Lies

When is a little white lie not a white lie anymore, no, I mean not a little lie anymore? When you get to 11-12,000 lies does that mean you lie, habitually? What about when your lie puts at risk our ability to hold fair elections in this country, is that still a lie? What if you’re putting our nation’s security at risk, is that still a lie? What about when you have your colleagues and supporters participating in the lie with you, is that a lie or a conspiracy?  When will we as a country, all of us, not just Democrats but Republicans too, say this shitshow has gone too far?  When will all of the lying stop being amusing, and no longer par for the course?

Trump has admitted to bribing the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter, in exchange for military aid and an official visit to the White House. He and his GOP supporters are holding up the lie that, that’s not what he did. Stop it! Yes, he did. I read the fucking transcript and I got the fucking t-shirt. Saying he didn’t do it, is a lie!

They’re lying about the lie and the sad part is a large chunk of Americans don’t give a shit. They have gotten used to his lying.  They have gotten used to him disgracing the office of the presidency and embarrassing the country.  In fact, he’s expected to be a fuck up so there’s a large swath of people no longer paying attention, both Democrats and Republicans.  The Republicans in Congress are so fucked up, they are blaming the Democrats for catching and calling out Trump’s lies.

As a kid I recall getting ass-whippings about lying, telling little ‘white lies.’ My mother used to say, “if you’ll lie about little shit, you’ll lie about big shit.” Her goal, with the ass-whippings, was to nip the telling of little ‘white lies’ in the ass so I would not be comfortable lying, be it big lies are little lies.

Impeachment is not a big enough punishment for Trump to stop lying. While it might be a little embarrassing, it won’t be the same as an ass-whipping. He has had a lifetime of lying.  His life is a lie. He lies about his lies. I’m not falling for the bullshit that he believes his own lies, and neither should you. It’s sad that there are Congressional Republicans who are not only supportive of his lying, but they’re also lying for him, at every opportunity they can or need to. Trump doesn’t give a shit about America or anything or anyone, other than himself so, him telling lies is expected. Yeah, we’re used to it and unfortunately, we’re numb to his lies.  Not to be dismissive of his lies because those lies are putting us all at risk.

The real question is what’s the excuse for Congressional Republicans? Why are they insistent on lying, lying for Trump? Is that what patriotism looks like?

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