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Repost from USA Today: Zoning: Biden infrastructure plan calls for cities to limit single-family zoning and instead build affordable housing

I gave an overview of the country's, government sanctioned discriminatory housing practices in my review of Heather McGhee's book, "The Sum of Us." Looks like the Biden Administration is looking to try to fix some of these wrongs within the infrastructure plan. Read the article here and check out my comments on "The Sum of Us" with the link below.

You Can Do This; Just Don’t Quit

From Minority Opportunity News, November 1997 Nelson believes anyone can accomplish dreams and goals “if they just start. It could be anything — even a…

From Intelligencer: Barr Wants to Hide Trump’s Authoritarian Plans, But Trump Keeps Confessing

On many occasions, Trump has gestured to Article II of the Constitution as the source of this authority. He has barely hidden his enthusiasm for this clause and the powers he believes it confers upon him. “It gives me all of these rights, at a level nobody has ever seen before,” he gushed at one point.