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About Somebody Said It

Opinions, Editorials, News & Information

Your opinion matters. Your informed opinion matters more. An opinion based on a whim or on emotion or devoid of facts allows you to be manipulated and potentially act against your own self-interest

Somebody Said It will share opinions, editorials, and news from a wide spectrum of sources. Our intent is to arm you with information from which you can have more informed opinions. While we realize opinions are not necessarily “fact” we strongly feel that fact-based opinions, from opinion makers and shapers will give you the knowledge to not act against your self-interests.

At times, our content may be raw, with respect to language and imaginary. We won’t shy away from controversial topics or the controversial ways an opinion or topic may be presented. We do, however, retain the option to delete content that insights violence, perpetrate hate speak or advances unfounded, non-factual conspiracy theories. The right to decide which content to share rest solely with the editorial staff of Somebody Said It.

We hope you enjoy Somebody Said it and share our content with your friends and by all means, join in the conversations.

The Editorial Staff
Somebody Said It